Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wow. It's been over a year

Ok, then.  It's been over a year since I last posted.  I didn't realize it had been that long.

But for the record, things are wonderful!

My wife and I have grown closer together, we're taking things one step at a time and she's been awesome through the whole thing.

I've been out a few times dressed, to some parties with some awesome people I met on FetLife. There's a lot of good folks in a group I've joined.  I've had sex while dressed (with another girl), and it was wonderful.  I've cuddled with friends as a girl and that was awesome, too.

I've bought some new clothes, including a sexy bustier, and gotten complimented on my looks and on my courage.  I even took the opportunity when my wife was away to go to one of the parties dressed from door to door!  That felt so good, too!

Tonight, I put on makeup by myself for the first time (I've gotten help with it before), and it didn't look totally clownish.  My wife said it looked damn good, especially for a first time.  She was perfectly ok with it, even giving me advice and helping me with taking it off (since I have to work tomorrow).

So, all in all, life is good!

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